Write for FlowSeeker

Would you like to contribute to FlowSeeker as a writer?

We are constantly looking for well researched articles that are written with clarity and with the general vision of this site in mind.

Desired topics

  • Psychedelics and personal development or healing, spirituality, mystical experiences
  • Research and therapeutic use of psychedelics
  • Psychedelic integration
  • Safety, preparation and practicalities of psychedelic use
  • Related practices such as breathwork, meditation, creativity, journaling, yoga – with a clear connection to the topic of psychedelics
  • Learnings and stories from psychedelic experiences or professions

Other ideas are welcome too if they align with our vision.


  • Original content written by you
  • In perfect English
  • Clearly structured
  • Based on research (with references) or personal experiences (clearly marked as such)
  • No promotion of your own sites, products, or services (exceptions may be made if it’s a perfect fit for our audience)
  • 1500 words or more


If you’re interested, get in touch at mail@flowseeker.io.