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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience as a therapist, and trained at California Institute of Integral Studies in transpersonal perspectives on healing. I am also certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach, and approach altered states of consciousness from a nonjudgmental, exploratory stance.

I collaborate at Healing Realms with a physician to provide ketamine assisted psychotherapy. We combine medical monitoring and safety with transformative methods of depth-oriented psychotherapy and personalized ritual in a comfortable private office setting. We offer comprehensive assessments and screening, preparation and intention-setting sessions, sublingual lozenge or intramuscular ketamine, and follow-up integration sessions. We also offer group ketamine sessions, which lower the cost of treatment while building valuable community around shared concerns.

In my private solo practice with adult individuals, I specialize in a variety of concerns, including integrating psychedelic experiences, supporting LGBTQQIAAP communities and gender-creative folks, addressing alcohol and substance use from a harm reduction perspective, spiritual emergencies and bypasses, body image issues, mood/anxiety disorders, social justice conversations, and navigating non-traditional relationships. I welcome in particular those who may not feel as comfortable in all treatment spaces: Burners, psychonauts, iconoclasts, artists and creatives, activists, performers, subculture kids, nerds, BDSM/kink community members, and all self-identified weirdos.

Theoretically, I prefer to work from an integrative perspective, as no one single theory can account for the infinite variety of human presentation, and am influenced many frameworks (psychodynamic, Internal Family Systems, somatic attachment, depth/Jungian, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, mindfulness/CBT, narrative/existential, transpersonal, Hakomi, social justice). I have worked in harm reduction services since 2005, helping people reduce the risks and maximize the benefits of substance use from a compassionate, collaborative perspective.

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Psychotherapy 50-minute sessions $170 USD; see Healing Realms site for ketamine assisted psychotherapy pricing options