Psychedelic Integration Quest

Because the journey is only the beginning. Discover a playful, habit-building framework for continuous integration of powerful psychedelic experiences.
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Process & Reconnect

Integration starts with the decision to embark on a psychedelic experience. Learn how to process and remember your journey, close the loop to your intentions (set) and reconnect with past experiences. 


Amplify your insights

The psychedelic journey itself is only the beginning. The real work begins afterwards. Discover tools to continuously develop yourself and move towards your intentions.

Make the transformation last

Build habits that support your process in the long run. 

Stop chasing peak experiences only to see them fade quickly.

Instead, discover how to truly take your learnings home and create your own process to thrive – with play and joy.

Contents & Format

The course consists of three components that go hand in hand to create a powerful integration process:

Learn, play, and shift

Learn what psychedelic integration is and discover a wide variety of techniques and tools – ranging from mental models to worksheets, journaling exercises, creative practice, real-life challenges, physical exercise, and more.

Build your integration habit

Integration is an on-going process. Daily or weekly prompts (exercises, reminders) will help you keep going and track your progress.


In our secure online community, you will meet others who share the journey of psychedelic integration and personal development. Make friends, stay accountable, and learn from other people’s process.

What else?

Start anytime

You can start the course at any time after or before a psychedelic experience. Ideally familiarize yourself with the techniques before your next journey, so you can apply them right after. Starting this work just after a powerful psychedelic experience will create the most transformational and lasting results.

Monthly online integration circles

Join our monthly online meeting to share about your experiences and integration process and hear from others (participation is optional). 

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