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Psychedelics have been showing incredible potential to heal addiction, depression, PTSD, and other conditions in numerous studies, clinical trials, and individual accounts.


On FlowSeeker, we explore the potentials of psychedelics beyond the medical applications – such as for intentional personal growth. People have reported heightened creativity, productivity, and analytical abilities after using psychedelics. Even more fundamentally, they might help us reconnect with our true self, our inner child, change our perspective of the world, understand ourselves and our relationships better, and ultimately be significantly happier. These transformations often outlast the direct effects of the substances and we might benefit from a single psychedelic experience for years to come.

Disclaimer: Legality & Safety First

Psychedelics are potentially illegal substances. FlowSeeker and its authors do not condone the use of illicit substance or any other illegal behavior. Where possible, we suggest legal alternatives. We are also aware that illegal drug use does happen and are aiming to provide information and resources on navigating these experiences as safely and responsibly as possible.

Furthermore, the use of psychedelics comes with health and safety risks that should not be underestimated. Psychedelic substances are not safe for everyone or every situation. Contraindications include a history of mental illness, many prescription medications, as well as some physical conditions. We cannot emphasize enough that safety needs to be prioritized in any situation involving psychedelics, and that diligent preparation as well as choice of set and setting are key.

The information presented on this website or in any of our downloadable products, the community chat, or our Facebook page is never intended to be legal, medical, or mental health advice. If you need this type of help, contact a lawyer, doctor, or therapist instead.

Our Agreement with You

If you are here and keep reading our content or participating in what we offer: Take everything with a grain of salt. Make your own informed decisions, do your own research. Be sovereign. Listen to your intuition. You are responsible for your decisions.

Our content is intended to be purely informational.

What FlowSeeker offers

Explore Psychedelics

Learn about different psychedelic substances and their origins, history, traditional and modern uses, effects and safety considerations.

Explore Retreats & Guided Experiences

A curated, growing list of legal psychedelic retreats led by experienced facilitators worldwide.

Coming soon: Psychedelic Integration Quest

Because the journey is only the beginning. Discover a playful, habit-building framework for continuous integration of powerful psychedelic experiences (or any other potentially life-changing experience).

Online Community

Join our online community of psychedelic explorers to share and learn about psychedelic experiences, connect with others, and find support and accountability for integration and personal development.

Who’s behind this?

Hi, I’m Michelle. During my personal work with plant medicine and psychedelics over the last two years, I have caught a glimpse of their potential. I have also experienced first-hand how difficult integration can be and how quickly the insights fade without a continuous process outside of the psychedelic experiences themselves.

With FlowSeeker, I am creating a space for playful yet practical psychedelic integration and community. I have teamed up with a handful of authors to provide resources around psychedelic experiences, personal development, and integration.

My own background is in technology (as a software developer) and business (as a location-independent founder).

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