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How to Prepare for an Ayahuasca Ceremony

So, you’ve signed up for that ayahuasca ceremony? Then the medicine’s work has already begun. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony it is upon you to set yourself up for the best possible journey, a phase of the work that should not be underestimated. Over the past...

Microdosing LSD: The Why & How To

Especially in circles of entrepreneurs and high-performers, microdosing has recently gained a lot of attention for improving productivity, creativity, and leadership. At first glance, the routine use of psychedelics as a productivity technique seems odd. This article...

Creating the perfect setting for solo psychedelic experiences

Psychedelics are as amazing as they are unpredictible. As your mind is roaming in different realms, your body might become completely inequipped to cope with its surroundings. That’s why the first and most important rule in creating the right setting is “Make sure you’re safe”.

How to integrate psychedelic experiences

If you’re interested or experienced in psychedelic journeys, you’ve probably come across the term integration. And maybe just like me, you’ve wondered what it means and how to best go about it. What is psychedelic integration? Psychedelic experiences, especially when...

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